Sidong Lei

Research Associate

Center of Excellence for Green Nanotechnologies

Dr. Lei is a postdoctoral research associate working in Dr. Kang L. Wang’s Device Research Laboratory. His research focuses on novel quantum tunneling devices based on two-dimensional materials, targeting on post-CMOS architectures for high-speed, low-energy consumption electronics and quantum devices.


  • “A Study of Vertical Transport through Graphene towards Control of Quantum Tunneling”, X. Zhu, S Lei, et al Nano letters, 2018
  • “Evolution of the electronic band structure and efficient photo-detection in atomic layers of InSe”, S Lei, L. Ge, ACS Nano, 1263
  • “Surface functionalization of two-dimensional metal chalcogenides by Lewis acid–base chemistry”, S. Lei, X Wang, Nat. Nanotech, 465